Outsourced Office Admin 


Outsource your day to day office processes so you can run your Business



A simple but effective cloud based workflow system 

Efficiently organise the flow of Office Routines






Create as many Users as you require.

The Admin User is only allowed to add Users and workflows.

Users can only see Workflows they are part of and can only do Tasks assigned to them.

Transfer resigned Employee Tasks to the New Employees, making training procedures for new employees easier.



User Tips

Users can only see Workflows they are part of and can only do Tasks assigned to them.




Create as many Workflow Templates as required.

Set Workflow Events to start at an Automated Time and Date OR Manually.

Automated start times ensure no procedures are forgotten.

A Manager is allocated to a Workflow giving them full control of the Workflow Events


Workflow Tips

Customize your workflows with any amount of Tasks


Workflow Tasks


Workflows are made up of Tasks. Tasks can run sequentially or in any order.

Task are assigned to a User or several Users. Users cannot complete tasks that are not assigned to them.

Tasks can have full descriptions on what to do within the task, include file locations and files needed for the Task.

Tasks can be Private and not viewable to other Users.



Task Tips

Tasks can be completely Private only allowing current users to see the Tasks



As many Events of a Workflow can exist simultaneously. Workflow Events track time and if behind schedule are colour flagged. Workflow Events can be set to start in the future.

Managers or Users can be assigned to Check, Verify and Sign off each Workflow Event. All Supporting Documents can be uploaded. Supporting documents can either be viewable by all Workflow users or by task users only


Event Tips

Click on your "to-do-list" to see what events you can attend to




A History of all Completed Workflow EVENTS are stored for review.   History events can be tagged to be viewable for Workflow Managers only.